The 1996 Northern High School graduate had plenty to keep

I need to move some stuff. I can’t find my hand truck (moving dolly). Damn. SPECIAL AWARDS: Lions Geoff Walker and Glenys Hansen each received an International President’s Certificate of Appreciation for their work at home and overseas.Whether reading children’s books in Masterton, or supporting children with skin disorders in Africa, Glenys Hansen and Geoff Walker are living Lions Clubs International’s motto “Where There’s A Need, There’s A Lion”.Wairarapa Lions Mrs Hansen and Mr Walker each received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation at the Lions Clubs District 202M Convention in Wellington this month.The awards recognised their contribution to Lions: Mrs Hansen for her promotion of Lions in Wairarapa and running of children’s programmes with Masterton Holdsworth Lions Club; and Mr Walker for linking Greytown Lions Club and Gulu Lions Club in Uganda in fundraising for youngsters with albinism.Their certificates were presented by international vice president, Naresh Aggrawal, who travelled from India for the occasion.Mrs Hansen said she felt “humbled and proud” to receive her award which she had no idea of until it was announced by District Governor, Nalini Bhaskar.”It was very special,” she said.”Nalini said, ‘we call her the bossy one’ as soon as she said that, I went, ‘wow, she’s talking about me!’ I probably am bossy, but I’m one of those people who is totally organised you have to be, if you want to run a successful group.”Similarly taken aback was Mr Walker who, now a member of the Gulu club, was invited to the convention as a guest.Mrs Hansen joined the Masterton Holdsworth club after her husband died, not long after moving to Matahiwi from Eketahuna.”I needed to meet new people,” she said.”I was at an event, and a woman asked me, ‘why aren’t you a Lion?”‘Since then, she has held several leadership roles: she has been Masterton Holdsworth club president twice, has been chair for Zone 4 (all the Wairarapa Clubs), is the current club secretary, and treasurer for District 202M cheap ray bans, which stretches from Gisborne to Wellington, and up to Levin.She is the Zone 4 publicity officer, compiling the monthly Lions roundup for Midweek.Mrs Hansen lead her club in setting up two programmes at Masterton Primary School: a “healthy lunch morning” to help children prepare nutritious meals inspired by her daughter, who as Type 1 diabetes, and Story Grans, where club members either read to the children, or hear their reading.Both have been hugely rewarding.”Seeing the children enjoy the wraps they made themselves, and snuggle up to you on the couch with their book melts your heart.”I feel for these kids, and some of them don’t get read to at home mum and dad don’t have the time.”One of her biggest joys is promoting Lions Clubs in the community. As such she has brought in six new members in the past five years.”I call it my elevator speech, like I’m meeting someone in a lift, and I have 30 seconds to tell them about Lions before the next floor. We’re so passionate about what we do, and I’m not afraid to be upfront about sharing it.

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